Industrial Confusion

The fine folks over at Food Engineering, to which I am somehow subscribed, sent me a survey to fill out about the last issue of the Food Engineering newsletter.  It had a bunch of the ads from that issue.  It asked me my opinion of the ad, and the impression it made on me, and asked me to give a summary of how I felt about it.  All of them I marked “Did not see” because I do not look at the ads.  On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being bad, and 10 being good, I marked most of them as 5 (0 impact), and put a blurb at the bottom.  And I figured I’d do this for all of them, but then a couple of them caught my eye.  So here are MY results of the survey:

1.       I have never seen this ad.  I work for an insurance company. I have explained this on the phone with calls regarding this publication.  I work in IT, and as interesting I KNOW deep down in my heart it COULD be to me, I don't read it because it does not impact my job.
2.       It is not about IT, programming, servers, or anything about Health Insurance, so I have 0 impression of it.  But it DOES remind me of some wallpaper I once had on my computer.  It was cool, with a red hue, and a sunset behind a manufacturing plant not unlike this.
3.       I think the machinery looks cool.  I'm always impressed with machinery that does stuff, and is shiny and new.  That's about it.
4.       This ad reminds me of the Hulk movie wherein Bruce Banner worked at a bottling company in a Spanish speaking city, and a drop of his blood got in/on a bottle.  Then it shows a scene where some guy (Stan Lee) gets the bottle out of his fridge and we are led to believe that something terrible happens to him.
5.       I think the pictures look like tacos.  I think tacos are a step down from burrito in the "Portable Food" genre.  I think that the taco falls below sandwich, but burrito is above them both.
6.       I like almonds and pistachios, and those images are 1/3 of the graphics on the page.  Well done!  Bravo!  Bravo!  Encore!
7.       That looks like a medicine, or yogurt, or Coconut Oil.  Especially in that spoon.  Kinda gross looking that you have something that looks edible, in a spoon, near all those plumbing looking pieces. 
8.       It has a REALLY shiny metal machine that looks like a turbine, on what appears to be a steel platform with casters on the bottom.  It gave me the impression of Indiana Jones in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where he rode that Rocket Sled near the nuclear test site.  But his sled was really dirty, as I recall.  All in all, it was an OK movie, but not as good as any of the others.  Plus it had that one guy that was supposed to take over the Indy franchise in it.  Shia Lebeuf!  That's it.  I would have had to quit watching them entirely if they had let him have the reigns.
9.       Meh.  Kind of industrial, but did nothing for me.


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