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One TV Theme To Rule Them All

Television has given us some amazing music and opening imagery over the years. Some of these are so interwoven into our upbringing that we might find ourselves, decades after these shows concluded, humming"Believe it not" or "Suicide is Painless" or that song from Cheers without realizing we're doing it. Well nows your chance to choose the best of the best! This week, we're focusing on SciFi. Next week, we'll have another loose grouping to choose from. Each week we'll pull a winner until we get through all them, then we'll go to round two!

Sleuth Sunday - Choose the best detective/PI Columbo or Jim Rockford

Today's poll is a tough one! Columbo and Rockford are both blue collar crime fighters, and both always get their criminal. They may shun the sophistication and fancy clothes of other, perhaps more suave crime fighters, but can go toe-to-toe with any other detective or PI on the silver screen.  Choose wisely!

Sci-Friday: Cylons versus Battle Droids - POLL!

Welcome to Sci-Friday! Today we're asking you to choose the best robotic warrior. In one corner, we have the original Cylons, the mechanized terrors who drove mankind to the brink of extinction. In the other, we have battle legos with funny voices. Who will prevail? It's up to you!

Not Politics: Why Rose Tico Should Have Been a Really Cool Character in The Last Jedi

  Let’s get a few things straight right now about the much maligned Rose Tico. The character was boring. She added very little to The Last Jedi , and her memorable moments were few. Now, this has nothing to do with the acting. Kelly Marie Tran’s performance was solid, and her character's chemistry with Finn worked very well. The toxic fandom backlash against the actress was at best misplaced and at worst racist. The weakness in Rose had nothing to do with Tran and everything to do with a really bad script.  Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico in The Last Jedi. Picture credit: By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, Now, a really well-balanced article would spell out why we believed Rose was such a lackluster character. To that we say, “watch the movie.” Come on. “This is how we win?” The nonsense she has to say shreds the story narrative to advance the plot in such disjointed ways that we’re not going to go through that here fo

Exposing the Bionic Man, Part 3: The Unspoken Costs

In part one of this series, we discussed the financial costs of the bionic man program started by the US Government during the 1970s. In this, the third in our groundbreaking and daring expose, we look at the opportunity costs of Steve Austin. In other words, what did America have to do without because we not only purchased a bionic man, but also maxed out all the options, including the most suave mustache ever deployed in American history. Just TRY to argue with us. Plus, look at that collar. Dang. If he had been wearing that during his ill-fated crash, he could have simply bailed out and glided home. The operating costs were explosive. For example, during one mission, many of the details of which remain highly classified, Mr. Austin was forced to confront a Soviet “probe” designed to survive the rigors of the planet Venus. In the ensuing conflict, Austin’s nuclear-powered arm was heavily damaged. NUCLEAR-POWERED ARM. And Dr. Rudy Wells had spare parts enough to rep