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Stupid Letters to the Editor

  Harold Newsbaum is the Editor-in-Chief of the Interesting Times Harold newspaper, the first issue of which should have been published already but the editing process is a bit slow. ( Editor’s note: my writers are imbeciles ).  One of the features Mr. Newsbaum is most proud of is “The Dustbin of History,” the Times Harold ’s letters forum. He truly loves to interact with the patrons of this newspaper, in that he can tell them how to live their miserable lives. ( Editor’s note: I do love that ).   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dustbin of History Dear Harold, I am really torn with what to believe about COVID-19. I know that there are a lot of doctors and scientists who are telling us that this is serious and that we need to continue to be cautious or risk a second outbreak. But I also saw one person on YouTube who I have never heard of before say