The unwanted wisdom from your political Facebook friend

Oh hi! What a surprise, you messaging me by answering my message to you from last week. I was just posting another meme that says “I’m not an a**hole, I just have no filter.”  Because you know me (especially if you read all the memes I share), I like to tell it like it is.

So, what’s up? Why are you reaching out to me by answering my message asking you what’s up? I assume you’re wanting my thoughts on the current national situation. I tell you, people have lost their minds. I’ll tell you this right now: no one better even think of violating MY 3rd Amendment rights. I bet you never even thought of that. Well, look it up.

By the way, have you been sick lately? Maybe laid off of work because of Coronavius? I ask because I shared a status the other day that clearly stated my position about cancer. I am completely against it. But the status said that I bet only my true friends will share it, and I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t share it. Do you have cancer? I hope not. I’m against it.

 It’s strange these days. Seems I’m losing more Facebook friends than I’m making. Like the other day, I posted this hilarious political cartoon that made fun of Killary Clinton, and how she’s responsible for Benghazi and her e-mail server. I said “That’s funny no matter what your political beliefs!” But apparently my radical liberal friends and my brother disagreed, because my friend list dropped by, like, 10. It’s like no one can take a joke any more.

Anyway, I’m doing all the talking here. Be sure you register to vote. And don’t forget that Election Day this year is November 3rd for Republicans and November 4th for liberals! HA! 

Hello? Are you still there?


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