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This deal keeps getting better all the time: give Lando his own series

The Empire Strikes Ba...ah, you know that. Image Credit: Disney Last week a rumor spread across the internet that Disney Plus was working on a new Star Wars series starring Donald Glover, who may once again play Lando Calrissian, by far the smoothest, most entrepreneurial scoundrel in the galaxy. And if this is true and Lando is back, we should all (cautiously) rejoice. Sit down and enjoy. Let's see, who owns this pic? Oh. Disney. Now, some skepticism is understandable, so let’s confront a couple of the greatest likely objections. First, some have said that this is simply another Disney cash grab, a cynical corporate scheme to milk a few million more dollars out of the Star Wars fan base. To this, we say: yeah, of course it is. We’re not supposed to talk about it, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret: all the Star Wars movies were ploys to get your money. Nay, not just Star Wars, but ALL movies. It’s a given. The real question is, are they giving us anything we lik

Your amazing meme has shown me the error of my ways.

I’ve been a member of Facebook for years. Years I tell you. I’ve seen everything from your grandma’s birthday pictures to the birth of your children. Almost a little too graphically at that. But I digress. I thought I had seen everything, until now. Your posts regarding this pandemic, at the outset, enraged me.We all know I was diametrically opposed to your position about masks.   There were the arguments: it’s there to protect you, it’s there to protect me, it’s there to protect the elderly. I was as steadfast as a person can be. But then your meme with the big animatronic animal looking askance at me put a chink in my armor. It made me question everything I had learned. I had to begin to think for myself, instead of listening to all the crazy people trying to convince me of their ways, or living in an echo chamber just hearing my own thoughts spewed back at me. Like a mechanical rat Aristotle But if the Chuck E. Cheese thing chipped my armor, it was the meme with duck that blew