If you’re reading this, I’m probably already “cancelled”


I never thought this day would come.

Well, actually I did. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity said it would happen. Also Judge “Not a judge” Jeanine Pirro. And Lou Dobbs. They all said it would come.

And Marjorie Taylor Green. And Lauren Boebert. And Joni Ernst, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and…well, lots of others. They all said to expect the Socialists to come, and not to just do socialist things like get pissy about the US Capital Building being attacked by a mob. Oh no. They’re coming to cancel you and me. AOC and the other Socialists and Big Tech and Hollywood are all coming to silence us. It’s a travesty. Back in my day you would get fed up with some company’s BS and cancel them. Now it appears a company can get tired of my BS and cancel me!

And they have. And you’re probably next.

How was I cancelled? That’s an excellent question, if you’re a socialist. But I’ll play your little game and answer anyway, Vladamir. I know because I just checked my Twitter account, and guess how many retweets I had yesterday?

Like, almost none. Read that again. Then think about it.

How many retweets did I get before I was cancelled, you ask? Well, Stalin, let me check. Let’s see. Hmm. Apparently, the sneaky socialists (i.e. the Deep State) have been at work for a while because it I don’t seem to have…

You know what? That’s not important. It’s not about me. It’s about all of America being cancelled by the aforementioned socialists who want to turn America into Hugo Chavis’s personal gulag.

Poor Senator Josh Hawley was so cancelled he could only complain about it to his 600,000 Twitter followers and to the entire Fox News primetime audience. Oh, and to the New York Post in an editorial that he wrote about being silenced by the libs.

But this isn’t stopping at a United States Senator like Hawley or a pre-famous social media influencer such as myself. Any day now a normal peasant like you could find yourself effectively silenced with only your friends and family and total strangers in your totally normal Facebook group called American Patriots Love it or Die! And all it’ll take to be silenced is supporting the violent overthrow of the American government and undermining her elections.

What have we come to?

To ensure this doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, this article will self-cancel in 30 seconds.


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