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Signs that new job might not be for you

The US economy has been through some turmoil over the past year, to say the least. But with COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the country, many who lost their jobs are anxious to return to work. Not so fast! While you may like the idea of a job that is looking for "someone seeking adventure," don't ignore the next line that says "must be good at sawing through tendons."  Damper 3, as always, has your back, with these tips on how to avoid a real dead end job.

An in-depth look at China's Zhurong Mars Rover

On 14 May 2021, China became only the second nation to successfully land a remote-controlled rover on the surface of Mars.* Damper 3's scieneticians have poured over everything we could find in the B-movie science fiction section of Netflix to develop this meticulous breakdown of the Zhurong Mars Rover's capabilities. What we found might alarm you. With the details of the rover a state secret, D3 had to develop the below based off of the features likely to be incorporated by us if we were to design a rover and were also Communists.  *Second place is cool, we guess. 

Someone hacked my Facebook account, cloned it, and now he has more friends than me

  I started to suspect that someone hacked my Facebook account sometime last week. I woke up one morning and found a confusing direct message from my pal, Fred. “Bro,”  said Fred. “You were so right. Sheila and me, we made up and now we’re committed to making things work. You helped save us, buddy. Thank you!” I had no idea Fred and Sheila were having problems. I don’t even like Sheila. If I’m being honest, I don’t like Fred either. But at the time I just scratched my head, replied “k”, and went about my day. More odd things started happening. Out of nowhere, Linda (a friend I’ve secretly had the hots for since high school) commented on my picture of the new truck nuts I put on my F350. She wrote, “Gross. I like the volunteer work at the animal shelter better.” What was she babbling about? Then later that evening, I shared an article from Patriot Truth Tellers that simply pointed out how the libtards have almost made America into a Communist country. Even though it’s not that controver

How to defend yourself when threatened with a gender reveal party

  This may come as a surprise to the young people out there, but in the past a person could safely learn about an expected baby’s gender without fear of carnage or massive destruction of property. What used to be handled by a card sent through the mail or a Facebook post has escalated in a manner not unlike a Russian military buildup on the Ukrainian border. Every week we read news of the aftermath of another senseless act of gender revelation. One of the most recent was so destructive it made local residents think there had been an earthquake . With these events spiraling out of control, a person can be forgiven for wondering “am I next?” The unsettling answer is, unfortunately, “maybe.” The fact is that in many states (particularly in the South), there isn’t even a requirement to be licensed to carry gender reveal munitions. Because of this ever growing danger, here is some practical advice from law enforcement, self-defense experts, and military combat veterans on what to do if yo

Damper Three's Tips on having the perfect Mother's Day

It's that time of year, where you can make up for forgetting that special mom in your life's birthday. You want her to know you love her, but you're terrible at self-expression. Probably because your mom screwed you up somehow when you were a kid. But that aside, you want today to be perfect. Yes, today. You forgot this too, didn't you? Well, don't panic. We've got your back with these tips.