I’m a foreign policy expert and everything you think is wrong


President Biden speaks to the troops at RAF Mildenhall. You probably didn't know that.

I’ve noticed that many of you out there are very wrong about things involving foreign policy. I know it’s tempting to think you understand that nuances of international relations, but as an expert, it is my job to inform you that whatever it is you think about something is, without question, incorrect.

Take, for instance, President Joe Biden’s recent meetings with the G7, followed by his highly anticipated first summit with Vladimir Putin. Did you think Biden looked poised? In control? That he helped unify the economic powers of the West and reaffirmed America’s commitment to NATO?

Wrong. With the European Union cracking, under constant pressure from Russia, unsure and unified on how to meet the challenge of a burgeoning China, Biden offered little more than Obama 2.0. That may have been sufficient in 2008, but hardly what is needed now.

But wait. You say that you know this? That Biden’s trip failed to deliver on his core objectives, and that Russia and China were the only real winners?


Biden’s decades of experience were on full display, as was his resolve to meet the moment. In a post-pandemic world, he stepped up and provided stability when needed.

It may seem that I’m just trying to sound smart by taking contrary positions, but you are wrong. I’m an expert, based on qualifications that may sound good when you first read them but leave you with little idea how it really makes me equipped to tell everyone that they’re misguided about, well, everything.

That’s my job. You can catch me on Fox News, MSNBC, and writing for the Atlantic, most days.

So. You see my point about all this, right? Finally?

Well, THAT'S where you're wrong.

Sheesh. It’s like I’m talking to children.

Dr. Airgant Riboflavin has an extensive background in talking about international affairs and being right. Dr. Riboflavin writes periodically for the Interesting Times Harold so that you can be less dumb.


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