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Damper 3's Guide to a Perfect Thanksgiving

Pulling off a memorable Thanksgiving meal is tough. Well, that's not really true. Really awful Thanksgiving get-togethers are memorable.  No one ever talks about the lovely picnic Archduke Ferdinand went on. You want to summon the glow of the Holidays, not the glow of post-atomic annihilation. Lucky for you we've summoned all of our Holiday Magic experts* to pool their knowledge and give you the best advice possible to force feed your family wonderful memories.  *Expertise in Holiday Magic is subjective. Void where prohibited.  Photo by  Davies Designs Studio  on USPLASH

Here’s why last Tuesday’s election means the opposite of what you think

  I’m a political analyst. Some call me a pundit, or a political commentator. I send out hot take tweets on popular topics that defy conventional wisdom in a way that suggests either a rare understanding of the workings of politics or a deep need for attention, such as this one from early Tuesday evening before election results started coming in:   “Squid Game’s “success” shows exactly why the Democrats are today’s English at the Battle of Gastillion.” Roll THAT one around in your non-PHD degree-having-mind. I tremble to think of the mental gymnastics you must be doing in your hallucinaseum as you scramble to understand my analogy. Anyway, I’m here to tell you why what you think last Tuesday’s election results mean is not only wrong, the truth is the opposite of what you were thinking. Let’s start with you neophytes that think the Democrats losing every Virginia statewide office up for grabs on Tuesday depicts a political party in disarray, headed by an unpopular president.   Ho ho