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Rise of the thermometers

  Good news, everyone! According to a recent article in the New York Times , infections from COVID-19, including the most recent Omicron variant, seem to be on the way down. One of the ways they know this, according to the Times, is from a company named Kinsa in San Francisco that “tracks 2.5 million internet-connected thermometers across the country.” This company evidently uploads the temperatures of those using these thermometers, and “uses that data to estimate the percentage of Americans who have a fever every day. The declines over the past week have been sharp, which is a sign of Omicron’s retreat[.]”   Now, we know what you’re thinking: you’re simply ecstatic of the idea that millions of thermometers are congregating in the cloud, sharing stories about how sick you are, passing them on to some well-intentioned company who promises not to pass along anything personal about you. (Well, most of you are ecstatic. Some, like Bob Mulligan of 1535 East Bishop Avenue, in Millinocket,