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Animals have feelings

Some folks think that animals don't have feelings. Well, except for cats. Most people know cats are chock full of spite. But other than that, no feelings. Well, the Jacks of no Trades are here to set you straight.

Going green? It’d be a shame if something were to happen this oil

 A message from your friendly global oil conglomerates Let's talk, tree hugger. Photo by  Hunters Race  on  Unsplash Dear valued consumer, As you are no doubt aware, the fossil fuels “family” is always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to selling the liquified goo sucked out of the Earth and first marketed as fuel over 150 years ago. Our reputations for innovation have been unparalleled as we strive to make sure you keep buying from an industry hell-bent on not changing at all. Some companies are trying to earn your business by being "greener," hoping that just because they started recycling their used wine boxes, you'll buy their crap. And evidently this works, because chumps customers like you seem to care for the environment and don't like the idea of your kids getting heat stroke while they look for a home in the Antarctic Dustbowl. We get it. So we're making changes too. For every electric or hybrid vehicle sold, we will burn a barrel of oil.

Gritty Director's Cut of "Exploring Your Edible Backyard"

We hope you watched the short version of this , but to fit within the confines of a YouTube Short or IG Reel, we had to compromise on content. But THIS is the Director's Cut, with grit and suspense and more stuff to eat. Enjoy!

Exploring Your Edible Backyard

Today's video is an essential guide you need to review before you go outside and just start cramming the stuff growing in your yard into your maw like some kind of deranged toddler. Or a normal toddler. The point is, you're a grown up with unspeakable urges, like the desire to grab a handful of that weird, pulsating weed and see what it tastes like.* This short video guide will help you navigate these complicated feelings. *Excluding Bear Grylls, survival experts generally agree that anything that "pulsates" should not be consumed. Splash Squid v. Sperm Whale image Mike Goren from New York, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The best tips for the perfect Father's Day

It's Father's day again.   That special day of the year when we all celebrate the crotchety old man that sired us.    So let's give him what he really wants, an all day shopping spree at the mall including lunch. For everyone but him. All dad wants is a little love, some peace and quiet, and a Delta 10-inch Contractor table saw. Photo by Brittani Burns on Unsplash

Of Wood and Death (Jacks of no Trades)

The Jacks of no Trades give tips for stacking fire wood to maximize curing and also Pop's eloquent assurance we won't die young and cool.

Walnut Stain and Dogs (Scrambled Brain Hacks)

  An ugly chair without stain is just an ugly chair. An ugly chair WITH stain is a stained ugly chair. Learn more about it, and more life wisdom, in this episode of Scrambled Brain Hacks. Photo credits:  Puppy: Photo by  Marliese Streefland  on  Unsplash Sheriff Photo by  Zach Lisko  on  Unsplash Walnuts Photo by  Jakub Pabis  on  Unsplash