Celebrating wonderful nonsense with the Bionic Man and Pop

It may not have been pretty, but it’s been done. Damper Three hit 100 posts last week, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the wonderful nonsense we've been producing.

Okay, maybe if we were rolling around in ad revenue like crazed oil barons who just bull dozed an orphanage to plant another oil derrick, then we’d probably be more thrilled. But since we’re not, we’re just going to bask in the glow of having created an outlet to share our love of humor, satire, and all things nostalgia with the world. At least until we can bask in the warm embrace of all the money that bloggers are so famous for. *

Wonderful nonsense with the Bionic Man

We’ve written explosive investigations into the so-called Bionic Man (the Bionic Man Exposed). We followed up that award-free exclusive with the powerful Have You Looked at the Sky Lately series, which asked the question of whether NASA’s Mars Probe technology was reverse-engineered from the Soviet Death Probe? (Short answer, yes. Correct answer, no).

Frankly we were cheated of a Nobel Prize.

And we’re not finished. Our intrepid investigators are currently combing through the government records and piecing together the shocking history of Colonel Steve Austin and the OSI. You’ll be shocked at what they got away with. More to come on that.

You may have noticed that over the past couple of weeks, we’ve started posting videos, particularly some that share the wisdom of Pop, the beloved dad of one of our writers. That was a partial fulfillment of the original Damper Three VLOG concept. The original idea has already evolved a bit into the Jacks of no Trades series, which we hope will bring some laughs, nostalgia, and sometimes even a little learning. But not too much of that.

So for the next 100 posts, you can expect even more wonderful nonsense:

·       Investigations into the mysterious organizations of OSI, CONTROL, KAOS, as well as case studies of journalistic excellence of Karl Kolchak.

·       Two new Jacks of no Trades sub series, D3 News and Repeating History, that will join the existing Scrambled Brain Hacks and Pop’s Advice.

·       1970s-2010 Pop Culture humor and satire

·       Lots of Star Wars

Thank you for reading and watching. We promise to deliver much more wonderful nonsense with the Bionic Man, Pop, Star Wars, the Transformers, Jim Rockford, Columbo, and lots more. Let us know what you think! And check out some of our previous content that you may have missed:

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*Right? RIGHT?


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