The 10 Most Memorable Captain Marvel Quotes


Ok.  I’ll be honest.  I’ve seen all of the Marvel movies. I’m a huge fan, and I remember something from all of them.  However, I’m hard pressed to cite  any memorable quotes from Captain Marvel, much less 10 of them.  My guess is you can’t either. 

If you do, feel free to put them in the comments and call me whatever kind of Nimrod you want.  I can take it when a fanboy simp calls me out on not remembering quotes from whatever the movie was called.

 So yeah.  I remember lines from most of the MCU movies, but I can’t remember much  from the Captain Marvel movie outside of the fact that she was in a jet that made me think of Firefox.

 “Firefox” the Clint Eastwood movie wherein he stole a Russian fighter jet (Firefox), not the Web Browser (also Firefox).  It was a self-flying Jet (eat that Elon!) that could fire weapons via mental command. 


Told you it was a movie. Apology accepted.

Maybe Firefox wasn’t self flying.  Neither was Captain Marvel's. The point is, I remember more about the 1982 movie than I do from whatever year Captain Marvel was released. (Sure, I could Google the year but why bother?)

10 most memorable Captain Marvel quotes

With this as my premise, I will now provide you with a comprehensive list of memorable quotes I think are from  the Captain Marvel Movie (or that I wish would have been in it).

Without further ado,  the Top Ten Most Memorable Quotes From Captain Marvel, starting with…


10: “This isn’t about fighting wars. It’s about ending them.” This is a good line. Can’t recall who said it, but, yeah, good job.

09: Something about flying planes high? She was a pilot, right?

08: Um…let’s see. Give us a sec.

07: You should have waited 3 months and watched the new Spiderman movie. (Okay, I had to Google the release date to make this gag, sue me)

06: It's humorous when an adult woman says something sexualy suggestive to a sixteen year old male. No really.

05: Yes Ma’am, Ms. Danvers. Cap’n Marvel does sound delicious. But maybe “Captain Marvel” or even “Tony the Tiger” would sound more like a superhero?

04: I am Groot.

03: I know Him! From work!

02: Oh. We're using our made-up names. Then I am Spider-Man.

01:  The truth is…I AM Iron Man.

You may have noticed that Captain Marvel didn’t exactly resonate with us. It wasn't because of the acting. The characters were solid Marvel heroes, and the actors were superb. But...meh. If you loved it, we’d like to know why. Drop us a comment.


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