Everything you need to know about NASA's Artemis


Although delayed by technical challenges, NASA’s Artemis I mission is still a go, with a planned launch on 27 September. Once in flight, America’s return trip to the Moon will finally begin in earnest. Here's everything you need to know about Artemis

The savvy reader will recognize that Artemis is the Greek Goddess of a Bunch of Stuff But Not the Moon. Her association with the moon was a Roman thing, but honestly having a bunch of dudes not understand the capabilities of a woman makes this mission name 100% spot on.

Artemis I is intended to lay the foundation for sending the first woman  and the first person of color to the moon. As with American politics, the idea is that, if we’re lucky, the women will be able to fix all the stuff men have broken so far.

We kid, we kid. Mostly. But Artemis is primed to be historic in a number of ways. One of the first tasks will be to establish the STI program (Search for Terrestrial Intelligence), which will enable astronauts to better ascertain whether Earth has anything resembling coherent thought. While there have been some promising indications of intelligence, so far scientists have only found a sort of primordial sludge in Washington D.C. and Florida.

Check out other key facts in our helpful infographic.

Everything you need to know about NASA's Artemis

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