One Immortal Life to Live: A Middle Earth Soap Opera?

Our production schedule is simple: one full blog article on Monday, one video post on Wednesday, and one “either/or” on Friday. It’s fairly easy to manage this under normal circumstances. 

But unfortunately, not so easy when something like Amazon’s The Rings of Power is being released. Especially when this highly anticipated series looks, from one promotion, more like a Middle Earth Soap Opera.

You see, Damper Three belongs to a fairly conservative branch of Tolkienism. We have the credentials: we’ve read the Hobbit more times than we can remember, the Lord of the Rings several times, and the Silmarillion twice. Yes, TWICE.

This is what we were doing in High School instead of dating.

But we’re not fundamentalist Tolkienites at all, demanding unflinching interpretations of the original books. Middle Earth is a vast world and we believe that it’s possible to fill in the pantheon of lore in creative ways and still be true to Tolkien’s masterpiece work.

For instance, some have griped about including non-whites into the Elvish race. “That wasn’t how Tolkien imagined them!” is the stated argument. But it’s a lame argument. The power of Tolkien’s vast mythology does not hinge on some elves having golden hair and others black hair. But you know what it does need? People to enjoy it. And so inclusivity shouldn’t be a problem for something that you already know is not canonical Tolkien anyway.

Just give us a good story.

Middle Earth Soap Opera

Having said that, we’ve been looking at the upcoming Rings of Power with a certain amount of dismay, and have spent considerable energy trying to remain open-minded. Why? If you haven't already seen it, check out this little bit of released video (a promo from Entertainment Weekly):

What the heck was that? It looks like the intro to a Middle Earth soap opera. Days of our Elves, or maybe One Immortal Life to LiveGuiding Light of Earendil? As The World Turns Into Another World?

The funny thing is, we tried to find a clean version of this on YouTube, but it was impossible. Too many folks had already uploaded their versions, edited to look like soap operas. Go ahead and do's hilarious.

Bottom line: we didn’t get a full-up article written.

But we did produce a new Jacks of no Trades video! And in the end, isn’t that the true article?


We'll be back to our usual schedule next week. Have a great Labor Day! 

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