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When the best Decepticon transforms into an antique

I found my vintage Soundwave Transformer, the best Decepticon from the 1980s, can change into an anachronism Pictured: Soundwave, both his glorious original form and his recent "can't even beat Bumblebee" incarnation (Dreamworks) There are moments in a Gen X dad’s life when he presents to his child(ren) the treasures of the past that he has kept perched on a shelf or desk, never to be touched until said children promise not to break them. I have Sir Robin from Monty Python and the Holy Grail on my desk to the left, looking over my shoulder whenever I work. Above me on a shelf the vampire Mister Burns (from a Simpsons Halloween Special) stands beside Hank Scorpio, surely plotting something diabolical. Most of you who lived through the glorious pop culture era of the 1980s will recognize Soundwave immediately. While the original Transformers cartoon is chock full of cool characters, I thought none could compete with Megatron’s loyal spy. Soundwave, by far the best Decep