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Funny Marriage Advice from Pop

My pop was a funny guy. He loved making people laugh, and he was always full of advice, even when it wasn't requested. While plenty of his sage wisdom makes me chuckle to this day, one of the areas that stand out in my memory is his funny marriage advice. When it comes down to it, marriage advice is some of the most vital you could ever possibly get from your father. Equally important is knowing when to ignore this advice. Funny marriage advice from Pop For instance, say your father is on his fourth marriage, and so considers acquiring marriages in bulk to make him an expert. Or, on the other side of this equation, your father was Pop. It’s not that Pop didn’t have profound advice to give. He was wiser than most and intuitive to the point of being psychic. The problem was that Pop liked to laugh too. And so you could always expect his first salvos of advice to be less helpful and more slapstick. It was great for Pop that he had plenty of kids who got married that he could unload hi