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The hills are alive - for now, anyway

The ability of the human mind to set aside the fact that nature is always trying to murder him, so that listening to the sinister sounds of his potential murderer is considered relaxing, must be a relatively recent development, psyche-wise. Because while the hills are indeed alive, that doesn't mean they want you that way. Do you know how many predators you can hide in here? Waterfall by  Nicole King  on  Unsplash ,  Leopard by  Uriel Soberanes  on  Unsplash Take the sound of waterfalls. People go to sleep to these sounds. And yet, the tumbling of millions of gallons of water creates enough noise to mask an entire squadron of leopards (that’s what a group of leopards is called, right?) creeping up on the poor, slumbering fool.  Heck, they don’t even need to creep up. They could stomp in, pushing and shoving each other like juvenile delinquents, laughing and swearing and the buffoon snoring under the roaring blanket of sound wouldn’t know it until the first leopard made an appetizer