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Film Noir Guy chooses the best streaming service

Chapter 2: Film Noir Guy finds himself jumped by the Streaming Service Gang. Netflix Photo by   David Balev  on   Unsplash , Noir Photo by   Craig Whitehead  on   Unsplash It was another night of watching the fights. Tonight was the heavyweight championship. Bourbon vs My Liver. I had money on the bourbon, but somehow that aging poison filter kept hanging on. The night was still young, though.  In fact, the sun won't set for another seven hours. While I was waiting for a knockout punch, I decided to find something for my eyes to do. I picked up a remote control that looked like the Space Shuttle engineers had been watching too much Star Trek. All I wanted was to turn on the television, but either the bourbon was landing harder than I thought, or some egghead at Toshiba decided to hide that particular function in a spread of buttons that looks more like an industrial can of Chiclets from the Hindenburg.   Fortune favors a fool.   T he TV came on, but I wasn’t greeted by a sh