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The Truth: The Only Thing You'll Ever Own

  A reputation, said a wise man, is the only thing you’ll ever own.  And a reputation is built on something called integrity, which is a love of truth.  Integrity is one of those things that our parents teach us about early in life. It’s a fundamental value most people hold onto from their earlies t years and up until we die or get elected to Congress. These days, however, integrity seems to be kind of optional. Or perhaps more accurately, integrity seems to be something to switch on and off, as needed. “I expect my political leaders to be honest and forthright,” is a sentiment most of us can agree on, right? At least, until the political leaders from our party are caught lying in no uncertain terms. As in, saying one thing, and there is audio, visual, and witness evidence proving she or he has lied. Once upon a time, that would be a political death knell. Today, we just flip the integrity switch to “off” for a bit. We assume that the gal or fella meant well enough, so bold-faced

The most important question right now

Throughout life, we all face important questions that often go unanswered. What’s it all mean? What is my purpose? Where are my keys? Oh my, what is this bulge on my neck? Is that cheese? How the heck did that get there? But no matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s always a “most important question right now.” It may be as profound as wondering if now is the time to settle down and get married, or as horrifying as wondering why you waited until three weeks passed April 15 to mail in your taxes. But some unanswered query is always lurking in the forefront of our minds. And not to brag, but we think we not only know that most important question right now, but also have a profound answer. Check out our latest video to see if you agree. It’s less than a minute, but you’ll be all the wiser for it. Photo of thoughtful man at computer by bruce mars on Unsplash

Ugly chairs and Bullies (Scrambled Brain Hacks)

Drop in on the Jacks of no Trades as they show you how to build your own ugly chair (sort of) and also reminisce on how Pop explained how to deal with a bully. It hurt.  

A little bit of everything: Jacks of no Trades

Damper Three is the home of quite an eclectic collection of knowledge, skills, and hobbies. Like. seriously eclectic, bouncing from 1980s pop culture obsession one day, to politics the next, then on to modern social media observations, life hacks, recent and ancient history, science fiction, modern living, and on and on. That's a lot of ground to cover, and we know some folk simply don't have time to read about all that. So that's why we're trying something new. In addition to the satirical articles and infographics we produce semiregularly, D3 is introducing Jacks of no Trades , a series of video shorts meant to amuse and hopefully pass along nuggets of wisdom and/or snark. Below is the first JONT, and we've got several more in the works. Please enjoy, and let us know what you think. You'll find these here, and on the Jacks of no Trades page above.